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2013 St. Patrick's Parade - Important Participant Information

Posted on February 25, 2013 at 1:24 pm

SUNDAY, MARCH 10, 2013@ 3:30PM

To: Parade Participants

Re: 3/10/13 Hackettstown NJ St. Patrick's Day Parade Information

Thank You for being a part of our Parade!

PLEASE READ ALL INFORMATION! - TO view this info as a .pdf Click Here!
If you have any questions, please call the BID office at 908-850-5004

Please email or fax back (908-850-5074) the following information so that our Staff and the WRNJ Broadcast Team can identify your group.

To fill out the info online, Click Here!

Group Name: _______________________________________________________________________________________
Brief Bio/Description of your Group (for the WRNJ Announcer):
Number of Participants in Group: _________________
Contact Person and Cell Phone Number for Day of Parade: ___________________________________________________________
Will you have any vehicles Car/Bus/Truck in the Parade? ___________ If Yes, what type: ___________________________
Will you have a float? _____________
Will you have any music, live or recorded? _________________
Will you be handing out any candy or items to the spectators? _______________________________________________________
Will you be handling any live animals during the parade? _____________________________________________________________

Guidelines and Policies for Parade Participants:

1) Any hand-outs MUST be given directly to spectators, please refrain from throwing any items to avoid injury to anyone who may not be paying attention. NO THROWING from ANY vehicle!  Click Here for the Candy Policy!!

2) This is a family event for the entire community. All performances, activities, signage, logos, music and anything else that can be seen or heard by the crowd must be Rated ‘G'.

3) We encourage celebrating, but please, no Alcoholic consumption while participating in the parade.

4) If you are handling any animals during the parade, your group is responsible for CLEAN-UP! Make certain that you are prepared!

5) Horse participation REQUIRED a DESIGNATED PERSON(s) to clean-up behind your group. Without a clean-up person you will not be allowed to participate.


Below is Parade Participant information: 

View the FINAL line-up to find your group name, your division & line up number.

Click Here for the FINAL Line-Up!

Click Here for the Line-Up Map!

Click Here for the Parade Map!

When you arrive, please check-in with your Division Captain, who will be wearing green staff shirts, and will be located in your assigned division location. Line-up will begin at 2:30pm. Main Street will be shut down promptly at 3:30pm for step off of the parade.

Drop-off for Divisions, off of GRAND AVENUE at the intersections listed below:
• A and B- on Washington Street.
• C and D - on Madison Avenue.
• E and F - on Monroe Street.
• G -on Jefferson Street.
• H -on Beatty Street.
For the safety of all participants, NO VEHICLES will be allowed
through the line-up locations after 2:30 PM!
*Please proceed to your Division and note that divisions will be lining up on the right hand side of the street (please squeeze in).

Drop off on the east side of Grand Avenue - opposite the relevant barricade (see map). Buses will then make their way to Fulton Bank parking lot at 176 Mountain Avenue (see map).

Please take note of your line-up order! WRNJ will be announcing your department as you go by so you need to be in order. Remember 1 Rig per department!

Float judging will be in the Livestock Auction lot at the corner of Beatty and Stiger Streets at 12:00 Noon. Once judged, please proceed with the float to your line-up location at 2:00 pm so that you are in place prior to the other participants' arrival.

For those bands/groups coming from another parade earlier in the day, we'll make every effort to accommodate your arrival. Please call the cell phone number above if you anticipate your ETA is after 3:00 pm.

Musical/Dancing Groups are permitted to do up to a minute and a half routine at the Performance Location - the WRNJ Broadcast booth Church Street and Main Street. The location will be marked in Green Tape on the Street.

Spectator parking and parking for individuals who are participating in the parade will be located throughout the downtown and Mountain Avenue areas. It is encouraged that you make use of the municipal parking lots and arrive early.

If you should be in need of anything, staff wearing green sweatshirts will be on hand to help out during the parade.

Thank you again for being apart of our 5th Annual St. Patrick's Day Parade!!! If there are any questions or concerns regarding the parade, please feel free to contact the BID Office, (908) 850-5004 or


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